TEFL course 19

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About this Course


Two to four week courses for students and non - students of all standards to learn English.

Larger groups are accommodated in the heart of England at the Leicester Centre. Smaller groups are accommodated in the world of Dylan Thomas, Carmarthen.

Course Structure

All  English Language Courses are based on a student's ability measured across 4 levels, with students moving up a level as they improve:

1: Elementary (Beginner) Level

Speaking skills for everyday use, pronunciation

Understanding everyday language, building a vocabulary

Understanding common texts, acquiring grammatical norms

Writing skills, responses, descriptions, letters

2: Pre-Intermediate Level

Developing conversational skills, fluency and accuracy

Improving listening, reading skills and increasing vocabulary

Incorporating accurate use of grammar

Writing at more length in appropriate styles

3: Intermediate Level

Taking part in discussions, understanding different kinds of spoken English and accents

Developing techniques for reading, general and academic

Paragraphs, punctuation and longer writing tasks

Planning and presentation

4: Upper-Intermediate Level

Speech presentation, general and academic discussions

Understanding talks / lectures, taking notes (listening / reading)

Analysing texts, summarising, more advanced grammar

Planning and writing of essays - to argue, persuade, discuss

Standard course

(15 hours tuition + 5 hours directed study)

Allows students the freedom to extend their learning over the period of their choice.

Intensive course

(20 hours tuition + 15 hours directed study)

   Designed for students who need to achieve their performance standards in a limited    timeframe.

Summer and Winter School